Attaches directly to dish

Easy to install

Includes stainless steel hardware

RoHS Compliant

Drain holes in the radome help prevent moisture build-up

Available for 60cm,90cm and 120cm diameter dish antennas 


Provides protection against:
● Snow
● Rain
● Ice
● Wind
● Blowing Sand and debris
● Corrosion


Lanbowan® Radome Covers are an ideal way to provide additional protection to our parabolic dish antennas. 

These light weight radome kits feature ABS construction and UV protection

Drain holes are provided on the radome cover to help prevent moisture build-up inside the dish antenna.

Easy to Assemble

These radome kits bolt directly to the dish antennas with the provided stainless steel hardware. 

Drilling mounting holes in the antenna is not required. The radome cover can be attached to 

existing antennas already mounted in the field or pre-assemble to the antenna before mounting.